Independent Reviews of Leopard Models

To help your search for the right Leopard, we've created a collection of boat reviews available for various models, all produced by independent professionals in sailing media.

Leopard 39

Leopard 39 Report in Multihulls World


Leopard 40

Leopard 40 Multihull World

Leopard 40 Sail Magazine

Leopard 40 Australian Multihulls World


Leopard 43 PC

Leopard 43 Power Cat in Boat Test

Leopard 43 Motor Boat and Yachting

Leopard 43 Multihulls World


Leopard 44

Leopard 44 Report in SAIL

Leopard 44 Report in Yacht Style

Leopard 45

Leopard 45 Canadian Yachting Review 

Leopard 45 On Deck 


Leopard 46

Leopard 46 Report in Multihulls World

Leopard 46 Report in Asia Pacific Boating


Leopard 48

Leopard 48 Report in SAIL


Daniela Clark

Daniela is a digital project manager for our yacht sales websites. She's been in the sailing industry since her first job as a junior sailing instructor in 1996.

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