Owner Reviews and Stories

Our Leopard owners put their catamarans to the toughest tests by logging miles well beyond those sailed in an average boat review sea trial. We appreciate the industry professionals who review our boats using their expertise, but we're missing out if we don't also ask our owners to share their reviews. Below is a collection of recent reviews and stories from owners of several Leopard Catamarans models that are available on the used market today. We included the occasional delivery skipper report as well.


Leopard 39

Leopard 39: Owner Reviews

Owner Report: Choosing the Leopard 39

Delivery Skipper's Report: Leopard 39 on the Southern Ocean


Leopard 40

The Leopard 40: The Perfect Couple's Cruiser

Owners Love the Leopard 40


Leopard 44

Delivery Skipper's Report: Cape Town to Auckland on a Leopard 44

Owner Report: Leopard 44 in Kilifi, Kenya

Spotlight on the Leopard 44

Delivery Skipper's Report: Indian Ocean Crossing on a Leopard 44


Leopard 48

The Burnetts Live Life Aboard a Leopard 48

Leopard 48: Owner Reviews

Leopard 48 DALA finishes first in ARC Europe Rally across the Atlantic

Delivery Report - Cape Town to Brazil on a Leopard 48

A Family Plans for Circumnavigation

First Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean on a Leopard 48



Daniela Clark

Daniela is a digital project manager for our yacht sales websites. She's been in the sailing industry since her first job as a junior sailing instructor in 1996.

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